FAQ’s of a Charter Captain

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I bring? Pack layers of clothes as conditions can change on the water quickly, sunscreen (non aerosol only), food and snacks, sunglass, camera, hat or cover for your head. We provide a cooler for your food and beverages. We will have water on the boat for you. Please leave your coolers in your car so you are able to bring fish home. Do not bring additional coolers on the boats due to storage space limitations.

Are there bathrooms? Yes, there is a marine head on the boat. We encourage as little use as possible, as these are not like a toilet in your home. They can clog up very easy, so minimal use and paper are critical.

Can we bring alcohol? Yes, you can bring alcohol. But, we are on a boat in the water and the Captain retains the right to cancel the trip due to excessive alcohol use and if he feels people are too drunk to fish safely. No underage drinking will be tolerated. No drug use will be tolerated.

Is tipping allowed? Yes, if you have had a great day on the water, even in the rare case of not catching a fish, it is customary to tip between 10-20% of the value of the trip to the Captain to disperse to the crew.

What happens if we catch a large Bluefin Tuna? If a giant tuna is caught, meaning over 73″, then the captain will take the fish and sell it commercially. The Captain owns and retains any giants. If we are able to sell the fish, $150 per angler is refunded or can be used as a deposit on another trip.

Will I get seasick? It is possible. We can run into bumpy waters. If you are prone to getting seasick, we encourage you to take Dramamine at least two hours before departure and ideally the night before. Also, bring extra with you depending on the length of trip.

What time will we leave? This depends on the type of trip, weather and tides. This will be communicated with you a few days before hand. As well as the departure port location. We don’t always leave from the same spot based on fishing reports. The goal is to get you on the fish and this flexibility is the best way to do that.