What does a Charter business do in the off season?

Many times I am asked what we do in the off season when we can’t fish? Well, we keep pretty busy and have normal lives like everyone else.

But, here are some of things we do related to our business:

Clean and maintain our gear, marketing work, paperwork for permits and regulations, attend seminars and public hearings related to our industry, and the biggest of all – boat work! The list of things that need to be done on a boat can change from year to year, but we always have work to do. I describe it as the office building that I have to maintain so that I can go to my office in the summer! All this behind the scenes work that we do from November until April is so we can have a fun and safe summer. Time on the water is precious in the warmer months when the fish are here, so we do everything possible in the off season to avoid having to be off the water due to boat related issues.

But I also go to my daughters basketball games and events at school, home improvement projects and travel. I went to Costa Rica for the first time in December for a fishing trip. It was fun to be the charter guest and have the roles reversed. So this side of life is similar to what most people have to do everyday.

We will soon be on the water again and look forward to sharing our little slice of heaven with you all!

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