5 reasons I love to Charter!

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will share some of the top reasons I love to run a charter business. Not in any particular order!

Reason #1 – I love to see the sun rise over the water, hence our name Ortus. Ortus is Latin for rising. There is something special about being up early, getting to the boat, loading everything up and heading out in the dark. Only to be on the water somewhere and watch the world wake up!

Like a snowflake, no two sunrises are alike! Sometimes the sunrise is 100% over water, some times we have some land with special features as a backdrop, like the Provincetown Monument and so on. They have a magical glow to them and a different hue than a sunset. It always brings excitement and energy to the morning.

Yes, we do have those days where it is cloud covered and not much to see, but we are up and out on the water. Many people don’t see the sunrise as compared to it’s twin sister, the sunset. For them, the same energy and excitement of seeing something new and unique. A rebirth of the day!

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