5 reasons I love to Charter!

Reason #2 that I love running a charter business. Again, these are not in any particular order.

I love watching people catch their first fish or first big fish. Many people join us that might have caught some smaller fish in a pond or have never caught a fish at all. But watching them enjoy catching that first fish, that experience is really priceless for me.

You can see their excitement as the board the boat in the morning. It’s all over their face. We get to our fishing spot and start to drop lines in the water. A nervous energy comes over them. Then BOOM!! First fish is on the line! A bit of panic sets in with what do I do next! We help them get the fish into the boat and that big grin comes over their face – a memory was just made! One they won’t forget. It’s priceless!

It happens over and over again – it never disappoints me. So much fun! One of the real thrills of what we do is sharing this experience with people.

A happy first timer!

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