5 Reasons I love to Charter!

Reason #3 that I love to run a charter business. Again, in no particular order.

Everyday on the water is different. Conditions, the guests, what we are trying to catch, the bait or lures, etc. No two days are alike. Yes, there may be similarities, but no two are alike. It makes going out for the day less like work and more like fun!

You never know what to expect. Not all days go great either. Maybe less fish caught than we would like, maybe someone gets seasick, maybe a surprise shower, or a slew of other possible surprises. We try to prepare for everything, but we don’t always succeed.

But many days are magical too! Calm day, perfect sunrise, find bait or birds quickly and have that first fish in the boat before most people eat breakfast! The smiles are priceless!

Lastly, there is very little technology out there. People talk to each other, we learn a little about who they are and where they are from. New friendships are formed. For a few hours, people escape their everyday lives and are able to get close to nature. It revitalizes us!

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