5 Reasons I love to Charter!

Here is reason #4 that I love to run a charter business.

We are there to catch fish, but we see so much more in the form of sea life. Everyday can be full of surprises and most people that join us for a day of fishing have not experienced much interaction with the various types of sea life.

Here are some of the things we have seen or encountered on our fishing trips:

Whales – mostly humpback and minke – both are great indicators of bait in the area;

Sharks – blue, porbeagle, thresher, white and even a black tip once

Mola Mola or Sunfish – big and curious creatures – fool most people for a shark

Turtles – we even were able to call the pro’s to get one untangled once

Jellyfish – big and small

Dolphins – big and small pods – very friendly and come close to the boat

Ground fish – cod, haddock, hake, fluke, etc. – not always on purpose!

Baitfish – mackeral, herring, pogies, baby bonito, etc.

So every trip can bring various sightings and adventure! Join us to see these creatures too!

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