Winter Blues

No, not winter Bluefish or Bluefin Tuna, but true winter blues! Wishing my warmer weather was here and that I could be on the water! I was on the boat today dumping some excess water off our boat cover after all the rain the last few days. It was nice to be on the little lady, but made me wish it was April already! Yes, the days are getting longer, but the weather is still blah! Trying to be patient but it can be hard this time of year. I’m looking forward to my trip to Florida in February to see family and to sneak in some fishing. I hope that holds me over until April.

I’ve been busy putting new line on all the reels, servicing them, replacing the old worn out gear. Helps pass the time until we can get on the water! Here is a beautiful sunrise from this last season to put a smile on your face! Thanks for letting me share!

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