Cape Cod Summer Fishing: Your Guide to Catching Striped Bass, Bluefish and Bluefin Tuna With A Charter Captain

Are you planning a trip to Cape Cod this summer? Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to spend your summer days? Fishing off the Cape Cod coast may be your best bet! Join us as we explore some of the most popular catches, including Striped Bass, Bluefish and Bluefin Tuna. These fish can provide hours of fun for any experienced fisherman or newcomer alike! In this article, we’ll cover all the essential information from what you need to bring to what kind of charters are available. So get ready for an adventure and don’t forget your rod!


Cape Cod is one of the best places in the world to go fishing. With its long history of fishing, great variety of species, abundant sea life and its many charter captains. Cape Cod is well known for its striped bass and bluefin tuna.

When it comes to fishing on Cape Cod, there are a few things you need to know. First, the best time to fish is from late May to early September. This is when the water is warmest, and the fish are most active. Second, you need to know where to fish. The Cape Cod Bay is a great place for striped bass and bluefish, while the waters East of Chatham, off Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard are good for bluefin tuna.

Finally, you need to know what bait to use. For striped bass, live eels or bunker are best. For bluefish, fresh cut bait works well and various artificial lures. And for bluefin tuna, live bait or various artificial jigs work best.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a great time fishing on Cape Cod this summer!

Benefits Of Charter Fishing

If you’re looking to catch some of the biggest and most popular fish in Cape Cod waters, charter fishing is the way to go. Here are some of the benefits of charter fishing:

1. You’ll be guided by an experienced captain who knows where the fish are biting.

2. You’ll have access to better quality fishing gear, including rods, reels, and tackle.

3. It is not uncommon to see other sea life while out on the water.  Like whales, turtles, sharks, mola-mola and various birds. You will have a tour guide!

Types Of Fish You Can Target in the Summer on Cape Cod

The first fish that comes to most people’s minds when they think of Cape Cod is the striped bass. Striped bass are an excellent choice for summer fishing, as they can be found in both inshore and offshore waters. Another great option for summer fishing on Cape Cod is bluefish. Bluefish are known for their high energy and fight, making them a fun catch for anglers of all levels. It’s not uncommon to see them jump out of the water once hooked.  Lastly, bluefin tuna are another option for those looking to go after a bigger fish. Bluefin tuna can be found offshore and can provide anglers with a challenging and rewarding fight. Bluefin are some of the fastest and most powerful creatures in the ocean.  You might fight a fish that weighs over 300 pounds!

Necessary Gear and Tackle to Bring On a Cape Cod Fishing Trip

When it comes to Cape Cod fishing, there is certain gear and tackle that you will need to be successful. Here is a list of the necessary gear and tackle to bring on your next Cape Cod fishing trip:

• A good quality fishing rod and reel. The charter boat will have these for you but if you have a lucky lure, ask your captain if you can bring it.

• A selection of different lures or bait, depending on what type of fish you’re hoping to catch. Again, this is the benefit of a charter captain.  He will know what the fish are keyed in on and have these for you.

• A cooler with ice to store your catch in. Ideally this is left in your car as most boats will have a large cooler on the boat for your drinks and snacks.

• A pair of polarized sunglasses to help you see through the water.

•Sunscreen and hats to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

• Comfortable clothing that can get wet or dirty. Layers are recommended as conditions will be different on the water than they are on shore.

General Tips for Having a Successful Trip

– Do your research before you go. Make sure you know what kind of fish you want to catch, and where to find them. Talk to a charter company before making your final decision. Make sure you share your expectations for the trip.

– Bring the right gear. You don’t want to end up being cold, wet, and miserable because you didn’t dress properly. If you’re not sure, ask someone who knows, like the charter captain. Don’t forget Dramamine!

– Be flexible.  The captain always wants to help you catch as many fish as possible.  Conditions change daily and even hourly.  Be open to what the captain is suggesting and communicate.

– Don’t forget your camera! A lot of people forget to bring a camera, but you’ll want to document your catch (and bragging rights).

– Be respectful of the environment. This one is important – help preserve our fisheries by following all regulations and only taking what you need. Remember that catch-and-release is an option, too.


If you’re looking for an unforgettable fishing experience to add to your 2023 summer trip, it doesn’t get much better than a Cape Cod. With the right charter captain, you can easily catch striped bass, bluefish and bluefin tuna in these waters. Whether you want to explore Cape Cod Bay, Provincetown area or offshore, there’s something for every kind of angler in this marvelous region. So come prepared to have fun and make memories – because nothing beats a day spent summer fishing on Cape Cod!

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