From the Sea to Your Table: What to do with your Day’s Catch

You had a successful day on the water and have some amazing fish to take home and cook for your family and friends – now what?  Striped bass and bluefin tuna are two delicious and healthy options from what you may catch on a charter trip around Cape Cod.  These two species are very popular in this area and are great fish to eat!

Introduction to Striped Bass and Bluefin Tuna

If you’re looking for fresh fish to eat this summer on your vacation to Cape Cod, it doesn’t get any better than hiring a charter captain, catching some fish, and taking it home to the family for dinner that night. Striped bass and bluefin tuna are the two most sought-after species on the Cape for this type of experience.  These versatile fish can be cooked in a variety of ways and make a great addition to any meal.

I like to keep it simple anytime I have fish as fresh as this.  I try to let the fish be the star of the meal! But before you can go home and prepare it, you need to process the fish into usable filets.  Most charters will filet the fish for you and send you home with what you think you can eat.  Normally this is agreed upon before the trip starts and the regulations are explained on what can and cant be kept based upon the focus species for the day.

Recipe Ideas for Striped Bass

Here are two recipe ideas for striped bass while you are on vacation this summer on Cape Cod

1. Grilled striped bass with lemon and herbs – Cook your filet on the grill with aluminum foil under the fish to help keeping it whole.  Sprinkle some olive oil, salt, and pepper on the filets.  Then squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the filet.  You can sprinkle some dry herb seasonings on top, like Italian Season blend or Parsley.  I prefer fresh herbs when every I can and like to use Parsley or Fresh Thyme.  Lastly, I like garlic and if you do too, then I slice it thin and spread them out over the surface of the fish.  Then grill on the foils until done.  The amount of time will depend on your grill and thickness of the fish.

2. Roasted Striped Bass Mediterranean Style – Cook your filet in the oven in an oven safe pan.  I sprinkle olive oil, salt, and pepper over the filet.  The add some fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, fresh thyme and capers in the dish. I like kalamata olives, so I also add some to this recipe.  Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for approximately 20 minutes.  Be careful not to over cook the fish.  The thickness will determine if you need more or less time in the oven.

Recipes for Bluefin Tuna

Here are two recipe ideas for fresh Bluefin Tuna that are sure to leave your friends craving more this summer on your Cape Cod Vacation!

1. Grilled Tuna with mango Salsa – once your tuna is cut into steaks, lightly oil it, and cook on a hot grill.  Tuna is very lean so you need to be careful about over cooking it.  Dice your fresh mango into small pieces.  Chop up some green onion, red bell pepper and red onion and fresh cilantro.  Mix well in the bowl.  I like to let it sit for a few hours before I grill the fish.  If you like spicy, then you can add fresh jalapeno or poblano peppers.   Serve over the fish when it is done grilling.

2. Poke bowls – this is a bit more complicated but a great way to serve a large group if you have the means to do so.  Cook sushi rice in a rice cooker.  I like to let it sit so it gets room temperature.  I normally make 2 batches to serve about 10 people.  In their own separate bowls, I place sesame seeds, thin sliced radishes, diced fresh avocado, diced mango and green onions. This way everyone can add their own toppings to their bowl. I dice up the tuna and place in 3 separate bowls.  In bowl is just the tuna and some high quality soy sauce. In the second bowl, I mix the tuna, soy sauce and a little mayonnaise.  In the last bowl is tuna, soy sauce and sriracha for a hot version.  Then everyone can make their poke bowl the way they like it!


The fish always taste better when you catch it!  When you come to Cape Cod this summer, hire a charter captain, catch some of the local species and have an amazing meal with friends and family.  You can tell your fishing stories over dinner while you eat your amazing catch and then skip out on the dishes!  I like to top every great meal at the Cape with some local ice cream! We look forward to seeing you on Cape Cod this summer and helping you make memories!

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