In season Charter Captain: what is it like?

I thought it would be fun to share what it is like to be a charter Captain during the season since I have posted before about what it is like during the offseason.  They are very different for a person who makes a living on the water.  Today I will share what those differences are from how we operate our charter business here on Cape Cod

In Season:

Prime season here on Cape Cod is really June 1 until September 30th each year.  We do trips in April and May as well as October, but the prime of the season are those 4 months.  So, what is it like?  It is fast paced and can become very blurry with days blending in.  Depending on the type of charter we have, we get into a pretty good routine.

I live by my phone in season.  I am texting guests about weather, back-up dates, reminders, etc.  We are also taking new reservations and working to fill the calendar as we have a limited number of earning days.  We are dealing with the weather.  I check weather 5-6 times per day during the season and we are always looking ahead.

We still have boat maintenance that must be taken care of.  Like oil changes, cleaning and various repairs that come up.  We have gear maintenance and repair as well.  Our gear takes a pounding through out the season.  We clean and check everything every day.  We must replenish as lure and line stock gets depleted.

Lastly, we fish with you!  The best part!  We are entertainer, tour guide, historian, and Captain.  We work hard to make every trip as memorable as possible.  Being on the water almost every day is a blessing.  We get pretty dialed in to what is happening, how the fish and bait are moving, etc. 

Differences between In and Off Season

The biggest 2 differences in season vs. off season are time on the water vs. prep and sleep.

During the season, we are relying on the work we did all off season to help make us in season as great as possible.  The marketing, the gear prep, the boat prep, etc. that takes place during the off season is critical to set us up to have a successful season.  In season is about delivering on the expectations of the customer and maintaining.

As you can imagine, we have long days in season and sleep is at a premium, especially as we get into the heart of Bluefin Tuna season.  Most mornings we are leaving the dock no later than 4 am. So, depending on where we are going, where we are leaving from, etc., we may only be getting 5 hours of sleep with 12 plus hours on the water each day.  We are lucky because we run two Captains and can give each other a break and a day off.  We also capitalize on bad weather days.  Some days are just too windy or have thunderstorms to allow us to get out.  We sleep! We also use these days for maintenance and catch up on our to do lists.


As you can imagine, a lot goes into making sure you have a safe, fun, and memorable trip!  We love our “work” and sharing it with you!  We hope you can join us on the water this season and watch a sunrise with us!  Happy Fishing!

Thank you to our sponsors: Suzuki Outboards, BluefinUSA, Grundens, Mustad, and Tackle Direct.  They are a big par of our success every season.

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