June 2023 Fishing Update

I thought that since I’ve been stuck at the dock the last 2 days due to weather, a quick update on the fishing through June.

June has been exceptional! Loads of striped bass and bluefish around on both the Billingsgate Shoals and around Provincetown. We had multiple catches on light tackle with lures, lead core line with umbrella rigs and live lining mackerel. Just a fantastic month with a ton of happy customers!

Then about 10 days ago the smaller bluefin tuna arrived in force. Smaller meaning under 73 inches. We been fortunate to land three fish between the sizes of 46″ to 58″ in the least week. The tuna season will continue to be rock solid through the end of September.

The weather has been the biggest challenge with loads of thunderstorms, our normal June fog and high winds. Let’s pray to the weather gods to get into some quieter conditions!

We still have a few dates open this summer for trips if you would like to catch some bass, bluefish or bluefin! Send me an email with dates you’d like to book and we will see if we can make it happen.

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