Mid-Summer Fishing Update

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of July and that the summer is half over. It has felt like we are in the dog days of summer with the heat and humidity the past 10 days or so, but looks like relief should arrive on Monday.

We have had a great season with striped bass and bluefish with some amazing customers so far. We thank them for choosing Ortus for their fishing adventure! We will put the bass and blues gear away for awhile as we shift our focus on Bluefin Tuna.

August and September are the best 2 months of the year to catch tuna around Cape Cod. We just need Mother Nature to help us out! It can make for long days as we chase these magical creatures but I was reminded yesterday that I live and work in a special place. We saw whales, which breached 6 times, we saw dolphins feeding and doing flips, we saw a giant Mola Mola, we saw sharks, birds and we caught dinner! Pretty special really!

We have mid-week openings in late August and September for Tuna trips. Most weekends are booked until October. Reach out if you have questions about these trips. scott@ortuscharter.com

Thank you to our sponsors too. They make our season and fishing easier! Suzuki Outboards, BluefinUSA, Grudens, Tackle Direct, Mustad: https://linktr.ee/ortuscharters

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