Turning to Fall

Today is September 1st. Seems to always shock me at how quickly it arrives! We still have 2 great months of fishing ahead of us which is great!

August was a different month for me as I traveled to South Africa to chase some different creatures with a camera. It was an amazing trip! To see elephants, lions, rhino’s, giraffes, cheetahs in their natural habitat and up close was very special. I was also able to swim in the Indian Ocean which was very cool. Something I will always remember.

Fishing has been very good in August. Still a few great striped bass and bluefish around. Also plenty of bluefin tuna. The tuna have been spread out and finicky but I expect the concentrations to take place again in September as is the pattern. We also caught and released our first Mako shark in August. We also had a few blue sharks and a porbeagle to contend with. September is my favorite month to fish. Weather is normally great, plenty of life here and we have a few less boats to compete with on the water. It’s been a great season so far and I’m excited to see what the fall brings us.

We only have 2 weekend dates available in September but we do have a few in October if you would like to chase bluefin tuna.

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