Fall Update

I know we’ve been quiet with our updates but September has been a great month of fishing! We’ve had some weather interruptions, which is normal for this time of year, but we’ve been fishing every day possible.

We had our last bass & blues trip in early September and had an epic day of non-stop bluefish action with some whale viewing thrown in too! Since then, it has been all bluefin tuna. We had a rough week leading up to Hurricane Lee with 3 lost fish in that one week. It happens and reminds me how humbling this sport can be. I also am reminded that each opportunity to catch one of these special creatures is precious and we have to work hard to close the deal when we get the opportunity!

Post Lee has been great fishing. Multiple tuna have been caught and some released. We had a couple bonus fish with 2 random slot size striped bass thrown in. As our second storm of September arrives this weekend which will delay our next 3-4 days of trips, we should be back on the water a few more times before September comes to a close.

October is typically our last month. We will pull the boat and start the next phase of the annual cycle of preparing the boat and engines for a long winters rest. Pull all the gear and start to work on getting it cleaned up, take inventory of needs and repairs.

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