Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fisherman in your Life!

With the Holiday’s approaching, I thought I would share some great gift ideas for the fisherman/boater in your life!  All of these ideas are items we personally use on our boat and in our charter business.  We are also happy to help you specifically through email if you need further assistance for that hard to buy for person in your life!

These are in no particular order:

  • ACR Bivy Stickallows your boater to communicate even when there isn’t cell reception. Link to ACR
  • BluefinUSA Shirts – we wear this gear every day on the water to protect us from the sun and the elements.  In addition, they are comfortable and easy to clean!  Use ORTUS25 for a 25% discount.
  • Sabiki Rod – we use this special rod on our boat to catch live bait, but it allows for the small hooks to retract into the rod to protect us from getting snagged on the boat while fishing.  Link to TackleDirect and search for Okuma Sabiki Rod.
  • Foul Weather Gear from Grundens – for us, this is a must have!  We utilize the gear more in the spring and fall than the middle of the summer, but they are always on the boat!  I wear my rain jacket on those foggy days in the summer to keep me dry from all the moisture! Link to Grundens Gear.
  • Binoculars – great to have to see what is happening around you, spot birds and whales or spying on your neighbors!  These get used on the boat a lot more than you think! Link to TackleDirect and search for binoculars.
  • Fishing Charter Gift Certificate – great way to give that someone special a trip with friends or family so they can make memories of a life time.  You can email me directly at and we can customize the gift certificate for you to present during the Holiday’s
  • Gift Cards – if you are still not sure, gift cards to your local fishing outfitter or someone like TackleDirect that has it all!               Link to The Mighty Fish

If you have a person on your Holiday list and they love to fish, there are an endless list of ideas for what you can leave them under the tree! We are happy to help you too, so don’t be afraid to reach out for other ideas.  Feel free to email me at   Hope you have a great Holiday season and we will see you on the water in the spring!

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